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Deputy Dean (Research, Development & Publication)

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Md Asrul Nasid Bin Masrom

FPTP has started its post graduate programs in 2004. Fast forward in 2018, our current enrollment has exponentially increased to 378 students with more than 30% of international students’ enrollment. We are proud to claim that our post graduate students represent the diversity, dynamism and agility of future workforce. Ranging from coursework programs (Msc. in Construction Technology Management; Master in Business Administration) to full research programs at Master and Ph.D. levels, we provide not only multidisciplinary platforms but also a synergetic fusion of expertise from fields of management, technology and business. 

In terms of research, FPTP consists of expertise from various disciplines including management, technology (manufacturing-related, construction-related, furniture-related), technology management, and business. As such, research interests vary and multidisciplinary in nature.