Bachelor of Technology
Management with Honours

Programme Educational Objectives

This programme is designed to produce managers who are able to:

PEO1 Integrate applications of management and technology in the working environment.
PEO2 Demonstrate critical and innovative thinking together with problem solving competencies to achieve organizational objectives.
PEO3 Exhibit exemplary leadership qualities communication and team work to achieve organizational objectives.
PEO4 Exemplify professional and ethical conduct and accountability aligned with the national aspiration.

Programme Learning Outcomes

PLO1 Understand business and technology management principles in industrial environment.
PLO2 Apply technical knowledge and analytical skills in management of technology.
PLO3 Communicate effectively in industrial environment through writing and oral. 
PLO4 Identify and solve managerial problems in business and technology management in creative, innovative and effective manner. 
PLO5 Show behavior and attitude that contribute toward development of excellent teams in workplace. 
PLO6 Involve in lifelong learning and able to manage information professionally.
PLO7 Instill entrepreneurship culture for career development. 
PLO8 Demonstrate excellent behavior, attitude and responsibility. 
PLO9 Work in team effectively as a member or leader to achieve its objectives. 

Programme Structure & Assessment

This programme consists of 122 credits to be completed within eight (8) semesters. Assessment of students performance is based on formative and summative evaluation conducted throughout each semester. Students will undergo an industrial training during their final semester in the programme.

Course Outline

This programme consists of the following courses:

Principles of Management, Principles of Marketing, Mathematics for Management, Entrepreneurship, Principles of Economics, Management Science 1, Technology Management, Computer Application in Business, Occupational Safety and Health.

Statistics for Management, Organizational Behaviour, Principles of Accounting, Total Quality Management, Human Resource Management, Management Science II, Manufacturing Technology, Management Information Systems.

Production and Operation Management, Finance and Investment Management, Research Methodology, Service Management, Operations Strategy for Technology Management, Project Management, Supply Chain Management, Business Law, Bachelor Degree Project 1, Innovation and Commercialization Management, Strategic Management.

Bachelor Degree Project II,  Technology Transfer, and two (2) elective courses from the following courses : International Business, Technopreneurship, Managerial Economics, Industrial Supervision and Leadership, Logistic Management.

Industrial Training.

Professional Accreditation

  • Public Service Department of Malaysia
  • Malaysian Qualification Agencies (MQA)

Career Opportunities

Graduates from this programme may seek employment as Technology Executives/Managers, Quality Assurance Executives/Managers, Project Managers, Technology Tranfer Officers, Human Resourse Executives, Technology Planners Researchers, Material Executives, Planning Executives etc.