Industrial Training/ Internship (LI)

This Industrial Training/ internship contains general information on the implementation of Industrial Training (LI) courses for students, Faculty Coordinator and Faculty Supervisor. For more details, please click on Downloads section.

The industrial training refers to the University's Compulsory Attendance (HW) course which places students at an organization either internationally or abroad for practical training before they are awarded a Diploma or Bachelor's Degree. Organizations refer to government, private or statutory bodies approved by the University. Industry Relations Office (PHI) serves as a mediator of universities and organizations. 

Generally, industrial training provides an opportunity for students to undergo practical training in the engineering, technology, education and management sectors to improve their professional skills and interpersonal skills. Upon completion of the training, students will be able to:

(a) Enhancing competence and competitiveness in each area of specialization.

(b) Relating work experience with knowledge learned in universities.

(c) Apply academic theories and academic knowledge learned.

(d) Improve interaction skills and communicate effectively.

(e) Obtain experience and knowledge that can be utilized to select an appropriate employment after graduation.

For more information in relation to Industrial Training/ Internship, please visit the following link provided.

UTHM Industry Network