Department of Real Estate Management

"produce technology professionals with high technical skills and knowledge"


Gs. Dr. Burhaida binti Burhan
Head of Department

In the name of Allah, the most merciful, the most compassionate. Peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammed, the finest of all creatures and the best teacher, and upon all his family and companions.

Welcome to the Department of Real Estate Management, Faculty of Technology Management and Business, University Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM).

Real Estate is an exciting, challenging and dynamic discipline. Real Estate Management forms an integral part of every aspect of society and modern life. New technologies are introduced at an enormous rate and the Real Estate field develops and changes continually. Consequently Real Estate has evolved into a dynamic and challenging field of study.

As a student in the Department you will be exposed to high quality inspirational teaching and learning. The staff, passionate about developing and delivering teaching, stay at the forefront of the development of innovative teaching, learning and assessment methods and they consistently employ technology including learning technologies for both in class activities but also for learning activities outside the class boundaries as successful means of supporting students’ learning.

Teaching and learning is informed by industrial needs and a practical industrial dimension is integrated in many student activities. You will be provided with opportunities to work on real problems provided by the industry, to be taught by Real Estate professionals and to visit business environments that develop and employ information and communication on Real Estate industries.

There is provision of method and consistent personal support to students to ensure their learning development, which encompass among others excellent quality project supervision, caring advising, individual feedback on their progress, personal tutorial support.

We offer teaching informed by research and you will be provided with opportunities to experience research led learning, through your involvement in individual or collaborative work in a wide range of Real Estate areas. Staff members are active researchers in their fields, as this is demonstrated by the proven quality research contacted within the departmental research groups, their involvement in funded research projects, their external recognition and their research leadership qualities.

As a student in the Department you will be a member of a community of learning, which brings staff and students together, provides opportunities to students to enhance their experiences and to develop personally through extra curricula activities that promote the building of a variety of both discipline specific skills but also lifelong transferable skills such as enterprise, collaboration and communication skills.

We are very proud of our graduates and of their accomplishments; they are highly skilled Real Estate professionals who pursue successful careers in a wide range of contexts in the competitive global labour market.

I invite you to visit the rest of our website to find information about our programmes, our students’ achievements and activities, our research groups and staff research activities, and I hope that prospective students will be encouraged to join our Real Estate Management Department.

To all our students, we in the Real Estate Management Department would like to wish you inspirational, productive and successful studies.










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